ASTC 2020 AGM report

The AGM was held on 14 October, 2020.


Here's the outcome from our last AGM. 


The special resolution to accept the proposed changes to the constitution was approved unanimously.

The office bearers who nominated were elected, resulting in the 2020-2021 committee being the same as last year:

  • President - Janet Taylor

  • Vice President - Sonja McShane

  • Treasurer - Carl Sarelius

  • Secretary - David Stephensen 


Nominating as ordinary members  (that 'ordinary' label Is very misleading as the people fulfilling these roles on the committee are far from ordinary):

  • David Cross

  • Michell Hornstein


And we welcomed some new ordinary committee members who nominated during the AGM:

  • Jason Xiros

  • Gerry Gowan

  • Janet Gray

  • Julie Ponder

  • Brendan Angelo


That gives us a committee of eleven, so it's good that the constitution change, to remove the limit of ten committee members, was passed.

After the AGM we had a getting to know you session that was very enjoyable and it was great to see and hear more about the people attending the event (and joining the committee). I found this part of the evening very enjoyable and hope we will be able to organise more Zoom getting-to-know-you meetings from time to time. 

One good thing about this AGM and the following session, was that most people had their video cameras on. 


Janet Taylor

President, ASTC