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ASTC Conference 2020

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Thursday 19 November



One command to rule them all: Introduction to Word macros 
Rhonda Bracey 

You’ve likely heard other Word users rave about how their macros have saved them hours of time. But what’s a macro? How do you create one? Can anyone do it? Learn the basics of Word macros to get you started on the path to creating your own macros. In this session, I’ll cover:

  1. What macros are and how they can help you (with examples)

  2. How to:

  • record a basic macro

  • assign a keyboard shortcut or button to a macro

  • run a macro

  • copy a macro, and where to safely store your macros

  • edit a macro, including how to test a macro and add comments to it

NOTE: This session focuses on Word for Windows. Mac users should be able to do similar things, but there are no guarantees. Skill level: intermediate to advanced users of Word.

About Rhonda

Rhonda started her freelance business in Western Australia in 1999, providing technical writing and editing services to companies of all sizes—from small start-ups to global multinationals. Since 2008, she’s been the technical editor for a health, environment, and safety team on a $60b project for a global oil and gas company, editing 3000+ complex Word documents for that team. Rhonda has spoken at many conferences in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, and presented webinars for professional associations in New Zealand and Canada. She has written thousands of articles (nearly 500 just on Word) for her blog (, which has been viewed by almost 16 million visitors (as at Nov 2020).   

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