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The Australian Society for Technical Communication Incorporated (ASTC) is the national society for technical communicators and shapes the profession to promote their activities.

With member benefits to help you improve and maintain your skills, the ASTC gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from the challenges faced by others in your profession.

We are continuously developing relationships with industry, government, educational institutions and similar societies in other countries. We discuss our work, emerging trends in our field, new technologies, new tools and the many issues that arise from new developments and delivery mediums.

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We offer a range of membership options to suit everyone. If more than one member of your organisation’s staff produces any type of documentation, consider joining as a corporate member.


Jul-Oct $80
Nov-Feb $55 $27
Includes Next Full Year
$105* $55*


$80 / Year
$40 / Year
Year, student
or retired membership

Individual Membership

With individual membership you have full voting rights for the society.

Individual member benefits

  • central access to resources and information
  • regular email updates with information and offers for members
  • information about new and developing technologies
  • job opportunities mailing list and links provided through LinkedIn
  • rich and meaningful networking opportunities
  • professional support network
  • training workshops and education programs
  • discounted access to the national conference.
  • discounts to our sponsors’ products.

Tax-deductible costs

Remember, your membership fees as well as meeting, seminar and conference expenses may be tax deductible. Speak to your accountant or view the detailed information about the tax deductibility of membership fees and professional self-education costs on the website of the Australian Taxation Office under Work-related expenses.

If your organisation is interested in joining the ASTC as a corporate member, please complete our membership form. If you know of any other organisation that may be interested in corporate membership, please pass on the information.

Connect with your society.
Learn from your peers.
Join the ASTC.
$250 / Year

Corporate Membership

If your organisation has a team of techinical communicators, ASTC corporate membership is a great way to provide them with a real benefit.

Your writers have the opportunity learn from both industry-based and academic leaders in our field. They will be able to easily keep up-to-date with the latest technical writing trends through our publications, workshops, conferences and meetings.

Under corporate membership, your organisation nominates one person to becomeas a full member with voting rights, and anyone else in the organisation can become is classified an associate member.

Corporate membership benefits:

  • All individual member benefits for the designated full member
  • Discounted members’ rates on all ASTC events, including the national conference
  • Corporate listing on the ASTC website

Tax-deductible costs

Corporate membership, like individual membership, is tax deductible as a fee paid to a trade, business or professional association. Meeting, seminar and conference fees are also tax deductible since they are a form of self-education that maintains or improves the knowledge and skills that you exercise in your current income earning activities.

Detailed information about the tax deductibility of membership fees and professional self-education costs can be found under Work-related expenses on the website of the Australian Taxation Office.

Connect with your society.
Learn from your peers.
Join the ASTC.