As we get information, we will provide updates through our news page. This can include information about upcoming events such as webinars, training, conferences, or other newsworthy details. So keep an eye out here. If you have a suggestion or some news, send us the details to share with your fellow members.

ASTC 2019 Conference Round Up

Report from the 2019 conference organiser A quote from Scott Berkin when referring to attending conferences: "… everyone is at the event to learn and most are there to talk to interest..

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Epitaph - Gregory John Collette

Epitaph Gregory John Collette 13 August 1952 – 16 July 2019 Greg Collette set up and registered the ASTC in Victoria on 6 October 1987. The ASTC (NSW) did not arrive until 21 August 1..

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Nothing romantic about data travel

by Janet Taylor As we all know, internet messages move around the world from Brisbane to..

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ASTC Member Survey Extract

ASTC Survey Results - Extract The ASTC recently published the results of the 2018 Member Surve..

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New ASTC Committee elected

A new Committee for 2018-2019 was elected at the recent AGM. We now have a full Committee which ..

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Featured Technical Communicator – Nick Shears

Please tell us about yourself. (For example, your name, age and a brief early history. What do y..

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Looking for a formal Technical Communication qualification?

If you want to study information design or technical communication online, Ara Institute of Cant..

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Southern Communicator

Inside: From the Editor’s Desk – Ana Young Foreword: New tribes Technical Writing by the Numbers Design words with data Using variables in Flare to simplify PDF templates ASTC Conference notice Too many words Is Zoomin in your future? The three ingredients of cost‐effective writing Seven habits of highly effective technical writers

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