ASTC 2019 Conference Round Up

Report from the 2019 conference organiser

A quote from Scott Berkin when referring to attending conferences: "… everyone is at the event to learn and most are there to talk to interesting people."
And that was very true about our 2019 conference in Melbourne, if the feedback comments and the chatter during the breaks was any guide.

There is always a problem in choosing whether to have more presentations or more interaction or chat time and this year chat time was sacrificed for presentations.

Some of the presentation feedback:

Double Javascript session:
  • Really helpful - gave me some context I was missing - a comment about our double Javascript session.
Our Artificial intelligence (AI) presentation:
Lots of interesting concepts to ponder over and I'm really intrigued by the AI possibilities. We perhaps erred on the side of 'technical' with Alec Crews but we felt that this subject needed to be brought out of the closet. It was good to know that we catered for more than one skill set:
Professor David Sless, BA, MSc surprised us with his standout presentation on the subject of Standards for public documents.
It certainly didn't sound exciting. At one time or another, standards are something we all have to tackle, often reluctantly, so we asked David to tell us how he gets standards introduced and accepted. And that's what he told us.
Most of us learnt about software that was new to us: Appcues, Acrolinx and Github.  

Finally, we all now know what is git and what is github. Don't know? Ask someone who attended the conference. 

We were lucky to have Kyle Weaver to remind us to tighten our writing
You might think I haven't learnt from this session, but my conference-organiser tasks meant that I missed it -  but I was heartened by the feedback:
  • Good tips, great structure 
  • Always something to learn from Kylie 
  • Great review of TW core skills. 
  • Great presentation, very accessible and engaging. 
  • My work is not primarily about writing but I found Kylie to be an engaging and knowledgeable speaker  
  • There were many multiple Excellents!
Closing the conference was a presenter new to us, Grant Butler of the Editors Group.
He certainly rose to the occasion if these comment are any guide: 
  • Excellent
  • Good summary to end the conference.
  • Facilitated conversation was very interesting.
  • Great talk. Great presenter.

There were too many presentations and comments to include them all but the one great takeout from the feedback, we achieved a near perfect value-for-money score.

The 2020 conference is planned for an October Thursday and Friday in Melbourne. I hope we'll see you there.

Regards Janet Taylor