Gareth Oaks




Gareth Oakes is a software professional with 18 years' experience in the enterprise publishing space. Starting out as a BASIC and Pascal programmer at the tender age of 9 and C++ developer by age 14, Gareth cut his teeth on BBS software development in the heady days before the internet. This in turn lead to a Bachelor’s degree and employment at Griffith University’s eLearning team. Gareth moved to UK in early 2001 and has since nurtured a career in XML publishing technologies and applications. While now based back home in the Gold Coast, his work frequently takes him to USA, UK, India, and beyond.

In his role as Chief Architect at GPSL, Gareth's focus is designing and implementing next generation publishing systems for corporations and governments around the world. This includes: S1000D solutions for aerospace & defence, DITA solutions for heavy manufacturing and automotive, JATS solutions for STM publishers, NISO STS solutions for codes & standards publishers, financial typesetting solutions, and custom XML solutions for legislative and rule-making organisations.