Grant Noble




Grant arrived in Australia from Canada in 1984 for a one-year working holiday, and never left. He worked as a support representative with various computer companies, including MAI, Burroughs, and Unisys until 1995, when, in a “what the hell was I thinking” kind of moment, Grant quit his permanent job and took on a long-term contract with a team to develop the training material for a new banking system at Suncorp.

Thus his career took off in a completely different direction of technical writing, training development, and training working with organisations like Suncorp, Metway, Queensland Rail, Mallesons Stephens Jacques, ADC/Intec, and Tucana Technologies. Grant then joined RSA as a Senior Technical Writer in 2006 and became a Principal Technical Content Developer.

Grant is now in a new role, as a technical writer, at ConsenSys, a Blockchain software company. Currently he’s in a Standards team, working in conjunction with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to document the Enterprise Ethereum Specification. He's also involved in various W3C/Blockchain standards activities.

Away from work, Grant is an avid cyclist and home brewer. He wants to extend his beer making skills to cheese making.