The reason I'm nominating for the committee - again


If you've not considered nominating for the ASTC the committee, please reconsider. It can be very rewarding but also can be great fun.

You may find yourself doing things that you would never encounter in your working life. Initially, for me, it was using any font that I wanted to. Very liberating. 

In my case, I joined the committee way back in 1993 soon after becoming a member. At that time, I was a very quiet mouse. A person with marketing experience was required for the committee and I felt obliged to help. One of my tasks was to find people who were willing to give us benefits if we advertised their services. Over the years this ranged from discounts on ink cartridges to assistance writing resumés. I felt very brave with my requests because I was asking on behalf of someone else.

The most unusual job, for me, was organising the conference. In those days my mouse persona was very much in evidence and I was terrified at the thought of asking someone to present at the conference - especially if I was in awe of their talent or had never heard of them. But I grew to enjoy communicating with people and they were so nice in response. I now realise the communication was the best part of that role. Gradually, the mouse disappeared.

At one point our ASTC(NSW) committee was asked to volunteer someone to help set up a technical communicators course at TAFE. I volunteered. Again, it was interesting meeting such different people, and taking part in the interviews of prospective teachers. It made me realise that totally different types of people were required to teach the job , as opposed to doing it. 

I've also got to know some really exceptional people who have served on the committee. Some will remain life-long friends.

David Cross is another example of the contrast of committee work. By day, David is a writer of tender responses and otherwise very formal documents, by night he's a composer of our email news. That's a totally different style of writing and almost gives David's brain a holiday. Not to mention David's translation of job vacancies into our jobs news emails.  Now that's a job David would like to hand over. 

So, are you up to the challenge? 

Janet Taylor

ASTC President