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The Australian Society
for Technical Communication


The Australian Society for Technical Communication (ASTC) Incorporated promotes and supports people who design, write and edit technical and business information.

Technical communicators work with text, images, sound and video.

ISTC Communicator

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Members Meeting


Our next Members Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 30 April, 2024 at 7:30 PM AEST.

What ever happened to forms design? Liz Griffiths, Communication Wise


Liz hopes to make this an interactive session where we'll explore the history of forms, from its golden age in the 1980s to the current day.

We’ll pool our collective knowledge as we:

  • Look at what has happened to the forms design industry since the 1980s.

  • Think about what has happened to the quality of forms as we moved to online forms (interactive pdf forms and web forms) – have they improved?

  • Consider what it is we're really doing when we gather information from a customer.

  • Decide whether there are some "golden rules" we can apply to designing forms and asking questions.

If you miss the meeting, we're recording it so you can view it from the Members Only pages of our website.

ASTC Members zoom link

See you on April 30!

March Meeting

At our March 26 meeting, Kieran Morgan presented Level up your tech writing game – from entry paths to project management.

Co-author of the popular book the Technical Writing Process (now in its second edition), Kieran, and attendees, talked about entry paths to becoming a technical writer, skills that are required and how much specific and prior education you need. Kieran opened the discussion to project management – a skill which every technical writer needs.

This was a very interactive meeting with attendees giving their experience and opinions, not all of them as expected.

You can catch up by watching the video (approximately 1 hour and 26 minutes) from the Members Only pages of our website.

Connect with your profession.
Learn from your peers.

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Information Mapping®

Master successful policies and procedures and become a certified Information Mapping® Professional™ with this virtual training course. 


Australian Style Guide

From the Plain English Foundation, the ASG reflects Australian writing practice for both print and digital environments. It has an easy-to-use interface. And it’s free.

Job Opportunities


As a member, you can receive our Job Opportunity email.
We publish details of jobs and send the details to members.



The ASTC promotes networking in many ways although these have changed since the advent of COVID-19. Our annual conference is the main networking event, but we also have formal and informal meet-ups conducted via Zoom. Technical communicators often work alone, or maybe in a small team. Our networking allows for support and sharing of information and ideas, and to meet other people in similar roles. Check out our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


The ASTC supports professional development through education and learning to keep up with changes in the way we work and the tools we use.
We are always looking for new opportunities for members and non-members to update or advance our knowledge and skills.
Training delivery has changed dramatically and now allows access to content both locally and globally.


ASTC members can elect to receive our Job Opportunity emails.  We publish details of jobs we hear about. If you are thinking of making a change, constantly looking for new challenges or just curious about what’s out there, why not subscribe?  It’s free to our members, and to employers and agents alike.


If you hear of a technical writer job going, let us know via our contact us page and we’ll advertise it.


We have agreements with related associations in Australasia and other regions around the world. 

Through this we open career doors for our members and provide resources and services at member rates.

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