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Society for Technical Communication


The Australian Society for Technical Communication (ASTC) Incorporated promotes and supports people who design, write and edit technical and business information.
Technical communicators work with text, images, sound and video as needed.

Connect with your profession.
Learn from your peers.

Insights from Southern Communicator

Alliteration should not work as well as it does

Irene Wong makes a case for us to use alliteration in our work.

How to write a 
Resumé or CV

Jill Townsend gives up her top tips when it comes time to update.

It pays to write proper

Graham Jones gives an overview of a study showing that poor grammar and language online can be linked to perceived incompetence.

ASTC calendar

and upcoming events

ASTC Conference

08-09 Oct 2020

One of the joys of being a technical communicator is that we never have the chance to get bored ..


The ASTC promotes networking in many ways.
Our annual conference is the main networking event, but we also have formal and informal meet-ups and our social media.
Technical communicators often work alone, or maybe in a small team.
Our networking allows for support and sharing of information and ideas, and to meet other people in similar roles.


The ASTC supports professional development through education and learning to keep up with changes in the way we work and the tools we use.
We are always looking for new opportunities for members and non-members to update or advance our knowledge and skills.
Training delivery has changed dramatically and now allows access to content both locally and globally.


We support the interests of our members by developing strong relationships with industry, government and educational institutions.
Where needed, we can provide advice and guidance about the knowledge and skills of our profession.
We promote technical communication best practice and showcase our profession. We show the added value of engaging our members and the benefits we can provide to businesses.


We have exchanged agreements with some related societies and associations within Australasia and around the world.
This often allows us to provide opportunities for our members to take advantage of extra opportunities or services at member rates.
We also provide a job advertisement for our members through an elective subscription email.


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