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Becoming a Technical Communicator


Technical communication includes a wide variety of roles and spans across most industries. Like editing and writing, technical communication does not belong to just one industry.


A technical communicator might work as an individual or as part of a small team. People working in this field may have many different titles. You are part of the technical communication world if your role includes creating or supporting:

  • Technical information in any format, including printed, electronic, mobile, online help

  • Information of any sort, such as procedures, work instructions, manuals, user guides, training, parts information

  • Document plans, frameworks, and single sourcing content

  • Work flows, procedures and instructions for business

  • Learning material (information design) and training content for print, electronic,
    or online use

  • Compliance based information which aligns with standards, legislation,
    and codes of practice

  • User experience, workflow analysis, design, and usability tests

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What education do you need?

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Types of University and TAFE Courses

Most courses are studied through Distance Education (Australia, New Zealand, Canada).

  • Technical Writing. 

  • Graduate Certificate in Information Design.

  • Graduate Diploma in Information Design and Management.

  • Technical/commercial authorship.

  • Technical Writing Certificate. 

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Private Education

Most courses are studied through online methods or may be available for corporate workshops.

  • Workshops in technical writing, technical report writing and scientific writing. 

  • Training in the Information Mapping method for structured authoring and business communication.

  • International Certification by exam in Mastering Policies, Procedures and Documentation, Mastering Business Communication, and Information Mapping Foundation. 

  • Technical author basic/induction training course.

  • Short courses and diploma/certificate awards covering subject areas in writing and journalism, information technology, business and management, education and teaching, and art and design software.

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