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Terms & conditions

In downloading/purchasing any product or service from the ASTC, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

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The society, Australian Society for Technical Communication Incorporated (ASTC), warrants that it has the right to provide the product or service requested, but otherwise provides such product or service on an ‘as-is’ basis without warranty of any kind. In particular, but without limitation, no warranty is given that the product or service is suitable for your purposes. The association warrants that the product or service has been prepared using reasonable care and skill. The ASTC does not warrant that the product or service is error-free, accurate or complete.

Limitation of Liability

The ASTC shall not be liable for any claim arising out of the performance, non-performance, or defect of the product or service nor for any special, indirect, economic or consequential loss or damage howsoever arising or howsoever caused whether from negligence or otherwise in connection with the supply, functioning or use of the product or service.

Customer Obligation

You shall be entitled to use the product or service only for your own purposes and on your own computers. You are not entitled to pass on, to another person or computer system, copies of any download.


Any download supplied is protected by copyright and trademark laws, and is the property of their owners, named on the download. Unless otherwise noted, you may use the information in any download for your personal use only. You may not change, modify, delete, display, transmit, adapt, exploit or copy, by any means of distribution or sale, any information, material, trademark, or copyright from the download.

You must obtain written permission from the ASTC or any other entity who owns intellectual property in the download before you may publish, distribute, display, or commercially exploit any material from the download. By continuing with the service or download, you agree to abide by all copyright notices or other posted restrictions.

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