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The Australian Society for Technical Communication (ASTC) Incorporated is a not-for-profit national group of people who work with technical and business information in many ways. The aim of the ASTC is to promote and support technical communication in the Australasian region and to provide networking and learning opportunities for our members.


Members are key to our society as we are a volunteer organisation. Our members come from all different fields and industries and have a huge range of knowledge and experience. We help members by providing information, networking, support, job advertisements, and professional development opportunities.

Our history


From the late 80s, there were two separate ASTC societies, one each in New South Wales and Victoria. Both societies had members from other states and they shared the same aims and goals: to promote technical communication. In 2013, the members of both societies voted to form a national body.

In 2014, representatives from both societies joined forces to form the national ASTC committee. Working together, we created a group to sort out the details and join us under the one banner. We had to introduce a temporary name for the new society as we could not register a similar name to an existing society in Victoria. For several years the national society had the temporary name of the Technical Writers Industry Association (TWIA).

We’ve now registered the national ASTC committee in the state of Victoria. We work under the Model Rules of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act of 2012, as all associations must. The Act says that we need a Committee, so we have one, and it includes some compulsory and optional positions.

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ASTC Commitee


A group of dedicated technical communication professionals make up the ASTC Committee each year. Our committee members volunteer their time to plan and manage the ASTC's program and meet the regulatory responsibilities of the committee and their committee roles.

The committee is elected at the ASTC's Annual General Meeting. The committee can have up to ten members, with four compulsory office-bearer and six ordinary member positions.

Our committee members can live anywhere in Australia, including rural or city areas. Our committee uses online video conference tools for meetings, so distance is not an issue for meetings, we just need to manage the time zones.


Janet Taylor


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Janet has been a long serving member of the ASTC(NSW) committee and, for the last eight or so years, has organised the conference and helped to assemble Southern Communicator.

Sonja McShane

Vice President 

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Sonja has been a member of ASTC(Vic) since 1993 and was the President for two years. She was co-creator and lecturer in the Technical Communications course at Swinburne University.

David Stephenson


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David’s passion for technical communication started in high school. He joined ASTC in 1991. David documents geophysics software, teaches procedure manual writing, and is a volunteer performing arts project organiser.

Carl Sarelius


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Carl has much experience as a technical writer in defence and private sectors. His involvement with the ASTC spans a decade, with previous stints as Treasurer and Web Master for ASTC (Vic).


David Cross

Ordinary Member

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David has been actively involved with the ASTC since 2002, performing the roles of ASTC(Vic)’s Secretary, Vice President; then as part of the small team creating the National ASTC. He remained  president until 2019 and has now stepped back to spend time on his other many interests.

David has been in the technical documentation sphere for 40 years, commencing as a technical illustrator. 1980’s he transitioned into technical writing.

Michelle Hornstein

Ordinary Member 

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Michelle's passion for software documentation led her to study the Technical Communication course at Swinburne University, run in conjunction with ASTC(Vic). She has since worked as a Technical Communicator and Business Analyst in the telecommunications and education industries. After an absence, Michelle has returned to the ASTC and is excited to bring fresh ideas to the society.


Ordinary Member

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Ordinary Member

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