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ASTC 2021 AGM report

The AGM was held on 13 October, 2021.


Here's the outcome from our last AGM. 


There were no special resolutions or orders of business requested prior to the AGM.

After the president's report and the financial statement, the president thanked the outgoing committee for their extraordinary efforts in the past year and then the meeting moved to the election of the new committee.

The office bearers who nominated were elected, resulting in the 2021-2022 committee being:

  • President - Janet Taylor

  • Vice President - no nomination

  • Treasurer - Carl Sarelius

  • Secretary - no nomination 


As no nominations were received from the attendees for the two vacant positions, filling them will be a task for the new committee.


Continuing as ordinary members and providing continuity are:

  • David Cross

  • Michell Hornstein

  • Jason Xiros

  • David Stephensen

  • Julia Ponder

Two new ordinary committee members were elected:

  • Charlotte Brogden – who is new to the committee but not the ASTC. She would be a familiar name to many members from her WordPress articles in Southern Communicator

  • Grant Noble – who nominated during the AGM and is very welcome.


We had a short discussion about our constitution and potential changes we might make. These discussions will continue during the year.

Daryl Colquhoun asked if anyone was interested in joining an ISO Standards committee that he is a member of. Daryl mentioned his worldwide travels as a result of this membership. If anyone is interested, they should contact Daryl either directly or via

Once again, I found this part of the evening very enjoyable and hope more of you will join our monthly zoom meetings to help us get to know each other better. 


Janet Taylor

President, ASTC

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