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Annual General Meeting 2020

ASTC Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 14 October 8:30 pm


This members-only meeting will be held using Zoom, so you can attend no matter where you are. Typically, the AGM takes about 30 minutes. 

How to attend

Please email our administrator, Karen, at and let her know. You'll receive a Zoom link a few days before the meeting.

Minor changes to the Constitution

As well as covering the standard AGM requirements we'll be tabling a Special Resolution to accept some changes to our Constitution. The main change is to replace the old temporary name, TWIA, with ASTC. There are also some other minor changes, too, all highlighted in the updated version of the Constitution available in the Member Portal. Once accepted, we'll be able to present the changes to Consumer Affairs Victoria for approval.

Special Resolution
The ASTC is proposing to update our current constitution and requires the passing of the following Special Resolution at the AGM in order to present the changes to Consumer Affairs Victoria for approval. The constitution is here proposed constitution changes (Member Portal) with the proposed changes highlighted.

“That the current constitution be amended to reflect recent changes, namely, our name change from TWIA to ASTC (front cover, Rule 1); a change to vary the number of committee members (Rule 41); changes to voting procedures to reflect the use of technology (rules 32, 37, 51); and replace numeric with alpha number (Rule 33). ”

Become a committee member!

The current committee comprises a group of dedicated volunteers who make the ASTC function – why not consider nominating for next years’ committee? There are plenty of ways you can contribute, you can add your ideas to the mix, and apart from the monthly meeting, your time commitment is totally flexible. 

The monthly committee meeting is via Zoom and generally lasts around one hour. Apart from contributing to the good of the Society, you're also contributing to the technical communications industry in general - and dare I say it, it can be very satisfying.

You can nominate for:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • General Committee

To be nominated, you must be a current financial member of the ASTC at the time of the AGM, and be proposed and seconded by a member. We'll publish nomination details on the AGM page as they are received. And although you can nominate someone at the AGM, it's always better to nominate early to give voting members ample time to consider nominations.

How to nominate yourself or someone else

Download and complete the nomination form and return your signed form to before COB on Tuesday 13th October.​


If there are multiple nominations for a position, there will be a ballot held. Having your nomination in early will give members time to consider who they wish to vote for.

How to vote

You'll be able to vote via the polling tool on Zoom. If you can't attend the meeting, you can appoint a proxy to vote in your place by simply downloading the proxy form, completing and returning it to by COB on Monday, 12th October, 2020.

Please come along and support your society.


Janet Taylor

ASTC President

The reason I'm nominating for the committee - again

Connect with your profession.
Learn from your peers.

ASTC Committee

A group of dedicated technical communication professionals make up the ASTC Committee each year. Our committee members volunteer their time to plan and manage the ASTC's program and meet the regulatory responsibilities of the committee and their committee roles.

The committee of four compulsory office-bearer and a number of ordinary member positions, as determined by the committee, is elected at the ASTC's Annual General Meeting.

AGM 2020 Nominations

Nominee Details
Financial Member
David Cross

Proposed: David Stephensen Seconded: Sonja McShane

David Cross has been a technical communicator and trainer for more than 30 years; and has been an ASTC committee member for 16 years.
This has included stints as President and Vice President of ASTC,
ASTC(Vic) Vice President, and Secretary.
David is passionate about the technical communication industry,
networking with his peers through ASTC, and believes he has more to offer industry as an ASTC committee member.


David Stephensen

Secretary - if not successful then General Committee

Proposed: David Stephensen
Seconded: Sonja McShane

I like to contribute creative ideas and help to implement improvements to the ASTC


Sonja McShane

Vice President

Proposed: Sonja McShane
Seconded: David Stephensen

I've been a technical writer for over 30 years and bring a wealth of knowledge to the society. I've been involved in the ASTC for many, many years and love to be involved with my fellow tech writers in any capacity. Back in 2000 and 2001 I was President of the ASTC (Vic.), I was a general committee member in 2019, and this year I was Vice President. I'm also now helping out with the website. I'm keen to continue making the society a worthwhile investment for its member, including finding more discounts and working with the committee to provide webinars and online social and educational gatherings.


Carl Sarelius


Proposed: Carl Sarelius
Seconded: David Cross

Current Treasurer
Have held this position for three years and previously held same on ASTC (VIC) Committee. Valuable experience in the position gained over time.


Janet Taylor


Proposed: Janet Taylor
Seconded: David Cross

I have been a member of the ASTC since 1993, first joining ASTC(NSW). I have served on the committee for almost as many years. During my time with both societies and the committees, I have performed many roles, some of them challenging, and all of them enjoyable, as they gave me the opportunity to explore technical communication areas that I never would have encountered in my work. I would like to remain as a member of the committee as there is still so much we can learn - collectively.
Here are some more reasons I'm nominating for the committee - again


Brendan Angelo

General Committee

Proposed: Brendan Angelo
Seconded: David Stephensen

I am interested in applying to the General Committee for the ASTC, as a recently formalised Technical Writer (short course completed through ATTAR in February 2020) 

Prior to technical writing I have worked as an IT Business Analyst in the telecommunications industry, as a presenter of medieval education in secondary schools, and presently as a funeral assistant during the COVID-19 pandemic, to name a few professions. I am no stranger for learning new subject matter and needing it to be understood by audiences of varying skill sets and needs.    


Michelle Hornstein

General Committee

Proposed: Michelle Hornstein
Seconded: David Cross

I’ve worked as a Technical Writer for a number of years after completing the Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication at Swinburne University. I joined the ASTC committee last year and have since taken on managing the social media pages. I would like to continue helping with this role into the future.


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